Why teaching Science in English language is important to me.

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By. Lic. Oneida Julio Olea.

     Science Teacher.

English has been the primary language for teaching science for several hundred years.  The primary reason is that there must be a universal language that is acceptable for Scientist to be able to communicate in a reasonable manner and fully understand each other in all of the publications that are published for the science community, conferences and research programs.

Also most of the tables and scientific equations are used for describing various elements in science a perfect example is the, “Chemistry Table”, it must be able to be understood throughout the world for the students to comprehend the different elements and what they each mean.  This is just one small example in the Science world.

Scientist all over the world has accepted English as the language that is best to teach and understand the complicated issues that arrive in the science world. An example when scientist are together in a formal meeting then all scientist from all over the world are utilizing one language to speak to each other and clarify the complicated problems that arise and how to take the appropriate steps to solve those problems.

Teaching Science in English is also a method of teaching children the proper use and techniques of speaking, reading, writing English, and understanding the English language correctly.  “It is a tool to assist all children in all non-English speaking countries the ability of learning, so it actually performs a dual service it assist the English program in teaching proper English and teaches them the Scientific method of communication, within the Science world.”

If English and Science are taught at the same time; although it will be difficult for the students in the beginning for third world countries and both the English and Science Department work closely together, I firmly believe that after one or two years of concentrated effort that all schools who use this method will find that the students who take both English and Science will achieve a much higher score and will evaluate at a higher level in both their English and Science abilities after this period of time.

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